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Thread: Bike Cleaner?

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    Bike Cleaner?

    What should I use to clean my bike? (beside the normal detergent n wash) Looking for something that I can use to just wipe the bike with and keep her nice and shinny. Something that I can use on the fairing and gas tank and metal parts. Please list the products and where they can be applied and where the products can be purchased. Thanks a lot!
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    Protect All- Available at RMS I believe. Its a great wipe on wipe off cleaner. It's got carnuba.

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    honda spray cleaner / polish
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    use DRY WASH, it cleans,polishes and protects,good for metal ,paint,even visors,just like rain away.smallest beeds of water per square inch i swear.and just when you think it doesnt get any better.if you have some spots still on the bike that you forgot to whipe off, it comes off like a dream. Its a US product.but can be bought here.some one has to know where we can get some cause im almost

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    Use car wash soap, not detergent, to wash. Meguiar's paint cleaner and wax works well for plastics, then use Autosol for metal polishing and don't forget to wax your wheels.

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    Ditto on the Honda Pro Cleaner. Nice that you can get it in Canada now, saves me crossing the line to pick it up!!

    Ditto as well on avoiding detergent. On the other hand, dishwashing liquid is an excellent prep if you have decals to put pulls all of the old wax etc off, leaving a fairly pristine surface to work with.

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    use diluted simple green on swingarms, brakes, wheels etc. stuff is incredible.
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    pledge works great. nice and shiny and leaves the surface a little slick so the bugs slide off easier!!
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    Do a search,youll find some long threads, i believe theres one in the tech forum
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