AMRA - Alberta Mini Racing - Break in!
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Thread: AMRA - Alberta Mini Racing - Break in!

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    AMRA - Alberta Mini Racing - Break in!

    Majority of AMRA Demo Fleet Stolen PDF Print E-mail

    Thieves broke into the AMRA storage Seacan and cleaned out half of their demo bike fleet, CR100's, CBR125’s, CRF50’s and 15 + sets of new Honda leathers and equipment for their teen program.

    "It's a sad day for the AMRA," stated Jay Fox, President of AMRA. "We had so much planned with this equipment and rely so much on it to run the kids programs."

    There is still enough left to run some of the AMRA summer programs as the older half of equipment is located in another storage site.

    We ask that each and everyone of you please keep an eye out for the AMRA demo fleet and leathers.

    Please if you see or hear anything contact AMRA or the PCMRC.
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    This happened last year too! Change tactics me-thinks

    Still a shame for those kids to loose out
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    Chances are its coming to the westcoast. Will keep my eyes open for these losers!

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    Huh? No insurance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDaddyGroove View Post
    Huh? No insurance?
    That was my thought.

    Surely the club has liability insurance... so you would figure it would get some theft insurance for some bikes that are relevant to their existance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bandito View Post
    That was my thought.

    Surely the club has liability insurance... so you would figure it would get some theft insurance for some bikes that are relevant to their existance.
    I remember somewhere someone else saying they didn't have insurance to.. Turned out to be a hoax...

    Seriously maybe they do, but it going to take a while to settle an insurance claim and replace the goods.
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    Insurance or not, they came looking for what they stole, knowing who it belonged to, and what it was used for.
    Stealing is wrong, stealings someone's ride is one step lower, and stealing kids and volunteer stuff is lower still.
    Fucking scum.
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