5%'ers are very bad drivers!
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Thread: 5%'ers are very bad drivers!

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    5%'ers are very bad drivers!

    According to this article.


    I wonder... does LCP drive over the Lions Gate in his BMW 335D snacking on bon bons and sipping on a triple shot, no foam swambucks with cardboard sleeve? All the while doing 20kph over?

    According to Kanetix, and this article... the 5%'ers are the worst drivers.
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    "only 3 percent of Canadians say they put on makeup while they drive"
    Yeah....right. If we're to believe that, all 3% of them live in Richmond.

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    18% use their cell phone...................bullshit!

    More like 20%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kawasaki_9R View Post
    18% use their cell phone...................bullshit!

    More like 20%
    I'm pretty sure it's 20.5%

    They should hang the 2% who admit to parking in handicap spaces...That annoys me like no other.
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    That's funny that 18% "admit to speeding". I'd wager that 19/20 vehicles traveling down Canada Way are traveling more than 15km/h over the limit, when traffic is not backed up.
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