Well, I have had this gear sitting around for a while, convince myseslf I would ride again but it doesn't seem to be the case.

I went down on my Ninja 250 so you will find the odd scrape. I will post pictures and post them up as well as make sure there are no openings as I am certain their are not.

For 350 firm,

You are going to get Textile Pants with key leather parts, alpine star boots, a textile jacket with liner that has key leather parts at the elbows. You will also get a pair of gloves. They are like the dirt bike ones that have some hard plastic on them...I promise you will like these gloves.

In good conscious I cannot include the helmet as it did take a bump when I went down, but what I can do is include it if you agree to only use it in slow practice speeds in a parking lot and not on the road.

I am 5'10 about, 180lbs when I bought it. Brand new from Holeshot and I believe it was about 1000 dollars spent. I highly encourage riders to come check my gear because you can save a lot of money and my gear is quality.

Alpine Star Boots
Alpine Star Gloves (i will double check that)
Joe Rocket pants
Jacket (forgot name but it is a a quality one)
Shoei Helmet....please read my comments on the helmet above
2 visors

I would say this gear is in great conditions. No tears, or rips.

Anyone in the Chilliwack area that wants to come by and try everything on, are very welcome.

Again, 350 firm takes it all!