I have up to four Chatterbox bike-to-bike/rider-to-pillion comm kits for sale. The units are used, but with NEW batteries and chargers, and will come in the box with the manual. Note, these are non-bluetooth.

You know the story: great for chatting on a ride, warning the slow guy about the cops up ahead, or beakin' your buddy's riding position. Good for coaching track/corner-side as well.

$125 per unit, $230 for two, or $420 for all four (I won't sell three - that leaves me with no one to talk to). The description from Motorcycle superstore is below (copied in for technical features; please forgive the marketing jargon.) The picture of the box lists what comes with the units; they will all arrive in the original box.

The GMRSX1 has a large illuminated display, and is VOX (voice activated) or PTT
(push-to-talk). The X-series are powered by our high capacity, built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery that lasts for up to more than 8-10 hours of use and 20 hours of standby. The GMRSX1 Bluetooth has a range of up to 5 miles and has 22 channels/38 talk groups. Available for Full-Face or Open-Face kits.

They live in Langley but can travel to Van/North Shore. PM if you'd like to see/buy them. I'm new on here, but ParkJunkie can vouch for me; he's only semi-new..


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