Biggest/ Most Powerful/ Longest lasting Battery for my 5th gen vfr? + Alt Upgrade?
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Thread: Biggest/ Most Powerful/ Longest lasting Battery for my 5th gen vfr? + Alt Upgrade?

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    Biggest/ Most Powerful/ Longest lasting Battery for my 5th gen vfr? + Alt Upgrade?

    I run a small stereo/navigation system on my VFR + more powerful headlights, horns, and some accessories.
    Needless to say I know quite well the vfr isnt a powerhouse.
    I am looking to get the best battery I can, where capacity is the most valued point.
    In other words if I am not mistaken I am looking for the largest amount of Amp Hours(Ah) I can fit in the bike.
    I wanted to use a small glass matt car audio battery from Shuriken but it's a bit too big to fit in the stock tray.

    I am also considering if there is an alternator / charging system upgrade I may want to make use of it in the future so long as it's not too costly. So if there are any suggestions in this matter it would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Note: I am near positive my charging system is fine, I am just running too much for too long, it's not bad if I can stay on the freeway, but too much grid lock + a hot day to keep the rad fans running, can leave it low.
    Note: I am running a new battery with only one season on it and is always left on a good battery tender, I haven't had any low power problems since i got it but it never was put in a situation where it could.
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    I use MotoBatt on my BlackBird. I have gps/radar hard wired to the bike. HIDs, loud horn, not an air horn, running lites in my Givi hard bags. I have replaced my r&r once in 181,000 kms. I also run heated gear when necessary. Plus a Sena bike to bike sometimes. Music also, occasionally. I've had no issues. I bought the battery from

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    they have a ton of vfr info over there. and this place:

    and get a voltmeter. i do know an st battery will fit in a 6th gen vfr... it is exactly the same dimension. and iirc, the 5th get is the same width and length, but a hair shorter, so it might fit. it has a bit more capacity and cranking amps.

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    What year is your VFR?

    +1 to the site helped me out ALOT when I had my 2004 VFR.

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    you know we have a sponser that sells batteries right?
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    I'd look at a Yuasa. Part no. for yours is YTZ12S. Retail they go for about $135

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    PM sent.
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    Use the stock battery and Invest in an I phone

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    I say get a battery box to put on the tail. Then place a deep cycle yellow-top optima batter in it and never worry again.

    It's overkill yes, but so is all the extra electronics you are putting on the bike. Oh, and possibly upgrade to an aftermarket bigger stator.
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