For sale is a pair of lightly used Supervent textile pants from Teknic. I've worn them less than a dozen times. I bought the wrong size and it's too late to return them now.

They are so well vented that it almost feels as if you're wearing shorts when you wear them without the liner. They are waterproof and come with a removable inner liner. Zippers on the bottom of the leg to allow for more ventilation. Elastic strap on the bottom to put under your boot so as to keep the pants down over your ankles. There are knee and hip pads built in; the knee pads are removable.

I sewed on extra Velcro on the waist so I could wear them without them falling down off my waist.

Teknic 2012 - Supervent Textile Pants

Teknic Supervent Textile Pants - Street Bike - Motorcycle Superstore

Size 32. Bought for $160, selling for $110.