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    Chain and sprocket stuff

    Is there an easy way to remove my chain, and possibly rear srocket? I just want to clean and lube them as they look like shit. thanks in advance.

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    Toothbrush, small scrub brush and solvent. Lube after. Or use something like Kleen Flo or straight up Simple Green to cut the goo on the wheels, sprockets and stuff.

    It's not worth taking it off to do it. And if it's a rivet master you can't do it anyway. But DO take a few minutes to pull off the upper chain guard and the front sprocket cover. You won't believe the goo inside the front sprocket if you tend to lube often.

    If you use solvent or solvent bearing cleaner (like the Kleen Flo) then use some cardboard or whatever to shield the tire. The solvent isn't good for the rubber.
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    Are you saying that Simple Green is okay for your o-ring chain, but not your tires???
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    i use a motul chain cleaner. works really well

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    here we go again. 80 pages on chain cleaning

    search function. know it. love it. use it.

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    R6 Chris
    WD-40 for all! Chain, wheels, grease on anything. Works for me at least.

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    Yeah just use some Motul chain cleaner, a rag and a tooth brush and your set.

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