Proposal to reduce Toronto speed limits
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Thread: Proposal to reduce Toronto speed limits

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    Proposal to reduce Toronto speed limits

    Imagine this in Vancouver, with our 40 over laws and I for one would lose my car weekly.
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    Mayor Rob Ford dismissed it as “nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts,” while the head of the public works committee urged Dr. McKeown to “stick to his knitting,” unless he’s after a job in the transportation department.
    now if we could only get these people to run ICBC we'd be in business.!!!

    some people are just mentally handicapped... people drive 5-10 klicks faster than the speed limit..
    this moron wants to retrain society to go 30kph slower!!??? wtf!! good luck with that!!

    I guess he just flies his Helicopter into Toronto for work everyday then hugh!??
    obviously he doesnt have a clue what traffic congestion is...

    Other major cities around the world are experimenting with lowering speed limits as part of their efforts to keep pedestrians, cyclists and drivers safe, something supporters hope will nudge urban dwellers out of their cars.
    nudge us out of our cars!!?? you freaking serious.. just fvcking shoot me now.. that's a lot quicker & way cheaper.!!

    after carefully reading those graphs.. apparently i'm already dead actually.. cool.. that was easy!

    Edmonton, on the other hand, has the hard numbers to show that a reduced speed limit is little match for road design.

    Beginning on May 1, 2010, the Alberta capital reduced speed limits in six very different neighbourhoods to 40 km/h from 50, using only signs and enforcement, including photo radar.

    Overall, operating speeds fells by 7 per cent or about 3.5 km/h. The number of serious crashes dropped slightly in all but one of the test areas, where severe collisions actually increased.
    ohh, wait nevur mind.. thats just Alberta, no way does that actually says anything about what we can expect around the world then... cool, carry on

    oohh, man.. it doesnt stop there.!!

    “We are facing a significant burden of illness associated with obesity and diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and being more active in our day-to-day activities is a very important..
    alright folks.. youre too freakin' lazy.. we're just gonna have to destroy all cars & modes of transportation created over the past 125 years so y'all can walk to work you fat cows!!

    sign me up!! i'm sold!

    by the way, i'm sorry i actually read the article, i must be a real nuisance to society and its more advanced ways of healthy living.. thank god for doctors!!

    However, if any do decide to follow Portsmouth’s lead, they’ll find one advantage applies as much here as it does across the pond: A sweeping speed-limit reduction is cheaper than traditional traffic-calming measures.

    Portsmouth was preparing to dole out £2-million ($3.2-million) over five years, mostly on speed bumps, when it switched gears to lowering the speed limit almost everywhere.

    “Implementing a city-wide speed limit at £623,000 ($993,000), we saved ourselves £1.5-million ($2.4-million),” Mr. Bunce said.
    think of it this way.. we'll actually MAKE $3.2Million over five years if this goes through in BC!! and thats before we sell all those Smrt cars for profit!!
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    Ontario has a 50km/h over law = 7-day license suspension and vehicle impound.
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