250cc to 400cc bikes
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Thread: 250cc to 400cc bikes

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    250cc to 400cc bikes

    hey guys im lookin to buy a bike but i need it between 250 and 400 cc cause i need it as a commuter and cant afford the insurance..ive been looking for a 250 ninja but having a hard time looking for one im my price range....can you guys suggest other types of bikes i can look for...either a sport type or a dual purpose..thanks...i only wanna spend like 3000 max....thanks everyone in advance

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    You could always try and pick up a dual sport 250 - 400. Not much plastic, so you might get one a bit cheaper.
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    I have a 86 Suzuki gs400s for sale in the buy and sell section for $2000

    check it out


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    you can get a nice tight low-milage RZ350 for that much and it'll be faster than just about anything in the same size catagory. There are probably a few fore sale right now. The only downside with them is that they require that you can do a little maintenance, but if left stock they are really very reliable and cheep on gas.

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    I had a great 250 that was in your price range, so there are some out there, just wait a few weeks and a whole bunch should pop up. They're great bikes to learn on but still go pretty good. Tough bikes too.

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    I got one for sale.
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    thanks everyone ....can someone tell me some models of dual purpose bike from each of the companies??

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    Suzuki: DRZ (pre 2k = DR)
    Honda: XR
    Kawasaki: KLR
    Yamaha: XT

    I beleive the above all have models in the 400cc and under so check those out.

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    Slight correction to vrecksler...
    Honda's STREET LEGAL dual purpose bikes aren't XR, they're XR__L ( XR250L, XR650L), also if you you get into the mid 80's machines theyre called XL___R, such as XL250R,XL650R,XL50R...
    Bikes named XR___ are dirt bikes and are not street legal unless they've been fitted with DOT lights/horn and inspected.
    I believe Suzuki line up has an "S" in the end , such as DR350S,DR650S ."S" stands for street legal, if it also has an "E" it has electric start, but a lot of pepole seem to neglect putting that stuff in the ads.
    ALL KLR's are street legal, they come in 250 and 650 sizes. they also made a 600 back in mid-late 80's but i heard theyre junk.
    Yamaha's XT350 was pretty well unchanged from 86 or so when it was introduced..neat bike but has too much fork dive stock, not enough power and generally not a very good dirtbike with no aftermarket support (at least i couldnt find any aftermarket suspsnsion/exhaust/jet kit made for it) but theyre supposed to be very reliable.

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    ^^ thanks you guys for all the info...

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