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    Railway Safety Week

    Well I learned today at the cost of $115 that it's railway safety week across Canada. I didn't realize that walking on the rails was so devastating that law enforcement has to cruise around in rail trucks to teach people this. You see the signs, but I've always figured that it was one of those things like jaywalking where nobody ever actually gets a ticket.

    I was walking my dog between Whiterock and Crescent just to give you a heads up of the patrolling area.

    I took it in good humor though and was very polite. The cop was very serious though, telling me how he could charge me.... Sure ok....

    Once the ticket is disputed, it'll go through the Richmond courts.... So I'll deal with it in 2 years or so.

    Also, as a heads up, he said that you can't walk on the rails and the "rail structure" aka the gravel mound that it sits on. Apparently it's safer to scale the larger rocks in the water below (tide was in).

    Anyway, maybe I'm the last person to know about this rule, but I thought I'd share what a badass I am walking my dog on the rails and all.
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    Its about the insurance and the liability the rail companies have to deal with when shit happens. It would be the same if you owned a business and people were going where they dont need to be.
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    CN Police are a very nasty group of people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sikorsky View Post
    CN Police are a very nasty group of people.
    yep, and most people dont realize how much power they have.

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    Thought they were full peace officers so I had to check -
    - Railway Safety Act granting powers as Police Constables and have the same powers of arrest as any police officer in Canada as 'Peace Officers' under Section 2 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Their federal oath of office primarily directs their duties 'on and along' the lines of the CN. Officers also have special provincial appointments which allow them to extend provincial enforcement outside the boundaries set under the Railway Safety Act of Canada, except in Quebec.
    They're real police with corporate masters. Less accountability than the RCMP I'd bet

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    I was "pulled over" by a CN police officer for crossing some railway tracks.

    He was wound tight, that guy--it was as if I'd broken into his grandma's house, tied her up in the basement, and stolen her last penny. He was especially unhappy that I wasn't carrying any ID at the time. "I'll find out if you're lying about your identity!!!!"

    In the end, I got a warning, but I'm surprised he didn't shoot me. lol.
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    I have never been caught by them and I am on their shit a lot..... but then again, I seldom wait to chat when I see them coming...
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