Gopro camera with the suction cup..
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Thread: Gopro camera with the suction cup..

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    Gopro camera with the suction cup..

    I just bought the Gopro camera and would like to film while riding. Can the suctionn cup be mounted on the gas tank? Is it safe to mount it there without it falling off? Would it damage the paint finishing when you take it off?? Your 2cents please..

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    It can go wherever it sticks...recommended to use a safety tether, just in case.
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    There was just a thread about a suction cup letting go.

    Safety tether.
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    personally, I use the curved adhesive mounts. I don't trust the suction cup mounts. Mount on the front windscreen. They also go well on helmets.......stick like shit to a blanket.

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    I had the original GoPro HD for two years and used just the suction mount. Worked great, went stupid speeds and never fell off, until one time it randomly fell off in the Cascades, and I didn't notice until later.

    I use a lanyard now with my GoPro 2, piece of string is cheaper than replacing the camera every 2 years!

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