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    Vegas Baby

    Thinking about riding to Vegas in the middle of June and was wondering whether anyone had any travel recommendations (total riding time, routes, motels, points of interest, etc.).



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    It will be almost too hot to ride a bike in Vegas in June. Daytime highs will be over 100 degrees. I've ridden in and around Vegas numerous times and I would not ride a m/c there between roughly May 1 and Sept 30.

    If you're still determined to do it, don't miss the Valley of Fire and Lake Mead. As far as getting there from here, I can't be of much help as I've never done that (on a m/c - I've rolled down I-5 many times in a car)
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    yes, get ready to sweat your cans off. Search 'Vegas' for a few other related threads on stuff to do down there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stever88ca View Post
    It will be almost too hot to ride a bike in Vegas in June. Daytime highs will be over 100 degrees.
    my 1st thought... itd be pretty miserable...

    done the trip from San Fran to Vegas late June, Early july a couple years back..

    it was great... loved my A/C! sun-roof, leather seats! tunes on the stereo! had
    a great time!!

    wouldve shot myself had i been on the bike...
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    Rode from Victoria to Phoenix in May. Aside from being happy I was able to ride a 600cc sportbike there, it was the second most miserable experience in my life. The first was the ride back to Victoria at the end of June.

    My mesh jacket couldnt save me at all. Threw up at a gas station in the desert due to the ungodly heat. Not a happy time. I'll never ever do it again.

    The absolute best of luck to you.
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    Hmm, those cheap flights out of Bellingham are looking more attractive all of a sudden. Thanks for the heads up!
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    I am off in June this year too.. thinking of eastern WA, down into Oregon - perhaps crater lake, maybe a bit or norcal, and then head home....Desert would be too hot for my gear, and bike - can you say tirewear at 90mph in 100degrees... Be sure to tell us about your trip - i will take lots of pics on mine...
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    Grab a map.
    There's plenty of great ways to get to Vegas. From Boise Idaho, go south east to Mountain Home. That road from Mountain Home to Elko should not be missed. It's 51 in Idaho. Or, if you'd prefer, continue eastward on the Interstate to Twin Falls. Or rather, just west of there at Bliss. Take the 30 and then south on 93 all the way to Ely. Then west on 6 and south on 318.
    Or you can enter Nevada from eastern Oregon, 140 from Klamath Falls, down into Denio NV. Or you can enter Nevada by taking 447 south of Alturas in Northern California. That route will let you tour Reno and Lake Tahoe. And go through historic Gerlach NV. Home of...well, you just have to go there.
    Or you can travel south on 395 in eastern Cali, entering Nevada via Death Valley.
    Great roads to get there, and great *different* roads to get home. Having ridden to, around, through and within Nevada about 10 times in the last 14 years, I've never tired of what that State has to offer. Straight roads for sure, all interconnected with tasty curved asphalt and very little impediments to "nominal velocity," that motorcyclists so appreciate.
    Almost forgot. Take a look at the roads south of Vegas, heading south on 95. There is a little spur road going to a viewpoint on Lake Mead just about 30 minutes south of town. Don't get distracted by the fellow with about a dozen planes (P51's?) in his back yard, and ride to the end of the road. Worth it.
    Valleys run north south, so travelling straight south gets you on a hot, dry valley floor with little or no variance in scenery. East/west will have the curves facing your headlight.
    Oh, and watch for the "Killer Kamikaze Rabbits." Very large rabbits prone to run in front of you at the most inopportune time. They will bring your ride to a screeching half.
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    It is always too hot, too cold, blah blah. Just go do it.

    It took me six days to ride it at a decent pace. Here is my ride report;

    Keep hydrated, keep the days to no more than 800kms, and snap lots of pictures.

    You'll have a great time.

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    I have a ridecool vest for the ungodly heat days. That combined with a camelbak, and a 4 liter jug of water on the passenger seat, you're good to go.
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    Have you been to Vegas in June? You'll sweat your bag off man.

    My only recommendation -- leave the bike at home and take a cage with good AC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuaveDave View Post
    Hmm, those cheap flights out of Bellingham are looking more attractive all of a sudden. Thanks for the heads up!
    GOOD PLAN - ride to Bellingham via the 101 through San Diego and back, and then jump on a two hundred dollar flight from there ...

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    Too hot. People who live there have the opposite problem facing Vancouverites... They can't ride in the summer. Take a pass. It's a mistake.

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    I was in Vegas last June for 4 days, it was 40 degrees everyday. I couldn't even imagine doing anything other then drinking beer at the pool. 50 bucks each way from Bellingham...well worth it.
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