Duffy Lake road conditions?
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Thread: Duffy Lake road conditions?

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    Duffy Lake road conditions?

    Has anyone been over yet this season? How's the road in terms of debris, sand etc? Any snow left anywhere or is it all clear?

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    Went a few weeks ago, and it was fine, yes, still some sand, but that's gonna be the
    case for quite some time, typical Duffey. I know peeps who did the loop yesterday, and
    they said it was fine too. Here's a live/current snap of the summit:

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    Spent the day playing on the Duffy, 560 km for the day door to door, double run from the lake to cayhoose bridge, just a great day.

    The is dirt in places brown stain, sand from the ice crew blue gray and pea gravel from people cutting corners which makes a nice popping sound under your tires if you get off line in the corners, pretty typical for the Duffy but just a great day.
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