My size: I'm 150lbs, at 5'5.

Women's Alpinestars full leathers: blue, black and white. Never crashed. Size 10. $500. Paid $1200. The snap on the right wrist won't stay closed but easy to replace. Does not affect the jacket's ability to stay on, since it has a zipper, and your gloves should cover the snap. A really awesome suit and very comfortable! Lined so it won't stick to your skin. Wore them April-October, was fine in the heat of summer on the highway (too hot for city riding in August though), and they were big enough to wear a set of long johns underneath for warmth in the cooler months.

2 piece riding suit, zips together in the middle. Armoured elbows, shoulders, hips and knees, comes with sliders (never worn down). No back protector, but I wore a separate back protector underneath with no problems (the suits that came with back protectors were not what I deemed acceptable for spinal protection!). Double pockets for ipods/keys/insurance papers.

Craiglist ad here along with contact info and pictures!