frame sliders for honda 599
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Thread: frame sliders for honda 599

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    frame sliders for honda 599

    hey guys sorry if this is a dumb question but what frame sliders will fit a 2006 honda 599 hornet.
    will any work? since its a naked bike and it will fit right where the bolt goes
    also anyone know the best place to get a replacement signal light with the aluminum bracket?
    i dropped my uncles bike and scratched it up pretty bad ( felt like total shit after )
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    Check Ebay, I was looking on thee yesterday and there are some good affordable ones.

    I have the Givi engine guard which I like.
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    I had Marbod at mspeed help me fit frame sliders to an even older naked Honda (CB-1).

    Bayside also has a lot of slider options and I'm sure they could help you find some that'd work.
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