Is there any alternative to ICBC?
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Thread: Is there any alternative to ICBC?

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    Question Is there any alternative to ICBC?

    I have done some half hearted searching for cheaper insuarance, not as hard as I should. I have only been riding a year, so this poses a problem. I ride a TLR, so this poses a problem. I either get "sorry, ten years expierence", or "oh, we don't insure THOSE kind of bikes". So, anyone know of someone who will insure me, even if just for comprehensive (fire theft and vandalism)? Last year coast capital did my comprehensive but this year they said they wont because i have not been riding long enough, how does this equate itself into fire and theft insurance, hmmm... Collision sure, but comprehensive? If anyone knows an alterative even just for comprehensive let me know. Total insurance (except liabilty obviously) would be better though I doubt I can get it. By the way, I have no accidents on my class 6. One accident in my car when I was 16 and had my license a month. Thats 3 years ago now. Don't know if you needed this info just thought I'd put it up just incase. Thanks in advance, Angus.

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    coast captial requires 3 years of riding, and megan fitz. requires 10 years of driving.

    collision in bc has to be bought from icbc.

    so in other words, youngins like us are outta luck.
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    u only buy basic ins.(3rd party liability) thru ICBC and Collision/comprehensive thru Megson or whoever's out there. There's no way around it, u still have to go through ICBC to get the plate.
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    Total insurance (except liabilty obviously) would be better though I doubt I can get it.

    ^Thanks Dano, I that though. ^

    And I have not been on the raod long enough to qualify with megson fitzpatrick. Still looking, opinion appreciated.

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    youre basically outta luck. im at 9 years driving with no accidents, and megson fitz said no to me too. one more year.

    maybe try some of the banks that offer private insurance.

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    I was under the impression that public insurance (icbc) rates are actually lower for high risk riders/drivers (ie under 25 male), than comparable rates in provinces with entirely private insurance.

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    I have 9.5 years with a drivers license with no accidents, and Megson said "Come back in October".

    Capital Coast said I needed 10 years drivers license, and 3 years with a class 6. I had a class 6 for 2.5 years.

    Guess I'm going with ICBC until October.

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    thanks for the replies, guess i just have to bear it till i can go private.... just wish there was someone to do my fire theft and vandilism with, i saved a lot last year with coast capital, under 300$ for the year with the top coverage on an R6. anywho, thanks. Angus.

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    I had my insurance with Coast Capital last year as well. They did change the requirements, but they said they could "grandfather" the policy because I had it last year.

    See if they can do that for you!
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