BCSB Stolen bike registry ideas
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Thread: BCSB Stolen bike registry ideas

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    BCSB Stolen bike registry ideas

    Google map tracking of locations? Might not be a bad idea in order to establish patterns?

    ETA: DPD, VPD and the RCMP all have "crime maps". Sadly they do not seem to differentiate between cars and bikes and roll both of these into "theft of auto". I wonder if BCCOM would be interested in putting some pressure on the local PDs for them to track theft of motorcycles separately?

    I would love to see "us" pay close attention to high bike theft area and solve our own problem.
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    Joe sir that is a brilliant idea!
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    I wish.
    Pulled your suggestion out of the thread to keep the registry clean.
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    It is a great idea but I have fears that the information will only serve those who can criminally profit from it.

    As great of a community bcsb is, there have been thieves among us, and I fear, will continue to be among us.

    Making a public "crime map" will only allow any perpetrators to avoid patterns.

    Call me cynical.

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