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Thread: Pharmacare?????

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    Exclamation Pharmacare?????

    Does anyone know anything about this registration ny May 1st???
    Apparently if you are entitled to it and don't register by May 1st there is a $10000 deductable!

    Any info out there regarding this? It sounds riduculous.
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    "If you do not register, you will not be eligible to receive your maximum PharmaCare financial assistance, and the deductible for each member of your family will be set at $10,000."

    First I`ve heard of it.So if a person misses the deadline yet needs financial assistance how do they expect them to pay a $10,000 deductible?Or any body for that matter,regardless of income.Our Government is fucked.
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    This is bullshit, the government may as well allow for full privatization at this point instead of nickel and dimeing away our already seriously flawed public system.

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    That's why everybody is calling me at Revenue Canada to get their damn line 236 (net income) for 2001.
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    The old system was income based but not quite as focused. There always has been deductibles for pharmacare coverage. The only difference was that before, those will low enough incomes to recieve Medical Services Premium assistance got a lower deductible (still $800) for non-seniors. Unless you are unfortuanate enough to get LOTS of prescriptions over the year, you won't notice any difference at all. Poor people will pay less in this system and those with higher incomes will pay more. The way that this is budgeted is projected to save the government 90million out of a 900million budget, so they are still paying for a whole fuckload of drug costs. It is still the fastest growning cost in healthcare (we WILL be over the billion mark within the next few years regardless of the changes). If you don't like it, move to the states where you get nothing in most cases.

    I work in a pharmacy and it's not uncommon for us to charge pharmacare over $10000 in ONE day. People will bitch regardless of what the government is doing when the economy isn't up to snuff.

    Ps. Who cares if the government knows what you make? They have to look at that for a lot of things. Nobody has a problem when releasing that information benefits them (morgage/loan) but it's such a big deal when it disqualifies them from something.

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    it's about time they looked at income for health care....I for one am sick and tired of seeing upper income old people moving here to die and raping our health care system....if your rich you pay more than the poor layed off schmuck with a couple of kids.....I like the idea....BTW my deductable is $1700 and it doesn't bug me......but it sure would help if one of us gets fucked up bad
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