Leno rides the Mission R Bike
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Thread: Leno rides the Mission R Bike

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    Let's play a game. the Pin-the-tail-on-the-inevitable-donkey game...

    1: At what point do the 'alternatives' become viable transportation options? ('cheap enough', comparable usage to combustion engines, widely available standardized refuelling/recharge stations)

    2: At what point does the government/ICBC step in and say "NO MORE I.C ENGINES INSURABLE ON THE ROAD" (special "I.C" permit required for operation?)

    I'll hazard a guess & say... 2022ish for #1, 2035ish for #2
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    coming to a starbucks near you.... because thats about as far as it will go.

    until they make something with the range of ic and ability to refuel it 100% like am ic engine i domt see those things working too well.

    also, if you think electricity is expensive now.... boy they are in for a surprise when demand goes up.
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    Was it just me, or was Leno's chin sticking out from under the helmet really distracting?
    It'll be years before this gets adopted into the mainstream. And don't forget, use of transportation as transit is only a small part of the equation. Want to try coming up with some long distance tractor trailer electric technology? How about trains? Ships? We are likely 50 years away from weaning ourselves off hydrocarbons.

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    Battery technology is our greatest obstacle.... It really all depends on that.

    mmm....... instant face shifting torque.....

    And they didn't set that Android tablet up correctly. Someone didn't fix the timeout setting
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    Imagine how many racetracks could be made with these quiet bikes close to urban sprawl?
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    most impressive specs i've heard from a electric motorcycle before. Looks pretty bad ass too. Jay Leno's chin was definitely distracting underneath that helmet
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    lol, yea....definitely funny seeing his massive chin hanging out under the bottom of the helmet

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    ROFL. Did anyone else notice the suspension travel when he hit the brakes coming to a stop at a light? Heavy set man

    Have to be pretty careful with the throttle on that thing in the corner if the regenerative breaking is that strong =/
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