Turn signal replacement pointers....Help....
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Thread: Turn signal replacement pointers....Help....

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    Turn signal replacement pointers....Help....

    Need some pointers on wich is the best way to replace the stock front signals with short stalk ones. My bike is a '02 6R, just wanted to know what to expect before I take it apart.
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    on that bike, you'll have to take the entire front end off to get at it properly. i just did mine a few days ago. not as hard as i thought it would be. not much to taking a bike apart. PM me if you need help.
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    Another word of advice for those of you replacing your front turn signals. If you choose to replace them with the flat oval ones from Lockhart Philips, you may want to consider NOT connecting the wire for the running lights.

    As the bulb is the same strength as stock and the lens housing is significantly smaller with the flushmounts they will overheat and actually melt if you run your bike while parked (ie: warming up).

    I found out the hard way last night. New paint job and melting/smoking flushmounts.

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    Not to mention that those flush types point all their light out to the sides rather than to the front. Not a great idea for our typical blind cagers out there these days. We need to balance our need for cool looks with the practicality of being seen.

    The little bump type ones like shown in the pic below work very well for being seen. If fact I actually found them to be brighter than stock when looking at them from the front. Highly recomended.

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