I have a flat black rear stand I don't like. I had a spool one up til last year (yeah, you prolly remember me whining about it getting stolen). So I got this one, and maybe I'm retarded (Maybe? Ha!) but I just don't like it. It's got the flat angle braket design with springs so it "snuggly" grabs your swing arm. Or at least that's probably how it's supposed to work. It keeps falling off when I start to tilt the bike and I'm just tired of fighting with it. I'm surely doing something wrong, but I don't reallycare. I found my spool stand so much easier. I'm not selling you very well on this stand, am I? There's nothing wrong with this stand, it's actually really easy to lift once it's on, I just hate trying to get it on the swingarm.

Anyway, if you have a spool stand floating around you aren't using or maybe you snapped a spool, whatever the reason, I'd love to drive over to your place and make a trade. Heck, I'd prolly give you $20 on top of it. And beer? I dunno.

I can wander down to the parking garage later and take a pic if you want.
Wow, I'm a lazy salesman today....