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    Smile Got my licence

    Hello every one
    Just wanted to share this info ...

    I live in NY and I've been riding for a long time, not in NY though I originaly from Russia. This friday I had to take a road test and it was poring rain. I took my CBR 600 and passed that thing.
    I wanted to post this so other people will have some idea what to exspect on a road test:
    First of all it was just simple riding, singnaling, making complete stop and a stop sign ...
    Second, we went to some parking lot and the guy asked to me to do 2 of each: circle to the left, to the right and figure 8 .
    I had a lot of space so it wasn't hard, i mean it shouldn't be hard if you have experience.
    Anyways hope that will help other people who are going to take a test in New York.
    Good luck ...

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    tiz Red.
    Congratz our American friend..
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    Hi kids! do you like Vodka?
    YES I DO!
    haha good job man!

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    congrats mang
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