Rebuilding a salvaged bike.
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Thread: Rebuilding a salvaged bike.

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    Rebuilding a salvaged bike.

    After searching through about 20-30 search results of people asking what salvage means, and should I buy a rebuilt bike. I gave up and figured the hell with it and just ask.
    1 question - Can you rebuild the bike yourself, and get the certified inspection,
    Or does a certified shop have to do the rebuild?

    Called ICBC, spoke to about 4 different people and they all came to the conclusion that
    they have no clue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foxrace View Post

    Called ICBC, spoke to about 4 different people and they all came to the conclusion that
    they have no clue.
    It's official. ICBC is clueless!
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    There are two types of writeoffs, rebuildable and salvage. Salvage is parts only, they won't allow you to fix and have it inspected. Technically, they're not supposed to remain intact for racing or stunting. I have seen a couple salvage bikes put together and registered as U-built. I would not count on going that route but I have seen it done. Rebuildable is just that. You can make it road worthy again and have a mechanic inspect it and it will be given a rebuilt title.

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    You can rebuild it yourself(unless the bike is "parts only" write off which nobody can rebuild then). And yes, ICBC is clueless.

    Edit: ^ Beat me to it.

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    If it is for "salvage only" and the bike is reg. in your name ICBC will send you new reg. with a "non-repairable vehicle status"
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