Air Care to end for cars and light trucks after 2014
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Thread: Air Care to end for cars and light trucks after 2014

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    Air Care to end for cars and light trucks after 2014

    This should drive up the used car market in BC a bit.

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    "Lake called the fees a significant cost to families."

    Oh give me a fucking break. $23 a year? More like it's just a pain in the ass, the fee is minimal.

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    the fee is minimal if you don't have to do any repairs to pass.

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    i just renewed my aircare repair certification status but i haven't got the certificate back yet with the expiry date on it.
    i guess its 2014 -2 years, last time it was 5 years. the vast majority of the vehicles on the road now are OBD2
    and in theory there is really no need to do a running dyno test for them .just check for codes and make sure the readyness monitors are turned on. big deal. $45 to put a scan tool on the car to check for 1 minute what a burn.
    i guess transdink needs the money for more road destruction, sorry, obstruction. damn ill get it right now what do you call that stuff they're doing? oh ya, construction. i am having a frustraded brain fart day. had the TLR out for a little go today, got harrassed by a donut eater at a road constuction site.

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