Thanks for the warning,,,,speed trap on STS
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Thread: Thanks for the warning,,,,speed trap on STS

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    Thanks for the warning,,,,speed trap on STS

    Went for a coffee in Squishy Sunday morning, brisk, no revenue collectors around anywhere. Heading back around 12:00, we sort of ran-er up at bit. About a mile before Furry Creek we got some hand signals and lights from approaching sportbikes to shut it down. Turned out to be a great favour, thanks lads! Just at the top of the hill past the exit, they had a lazer shooting everything that went around the corner,,,,we were ok,,,,but Ford Focus with big stainless fart can booked past us at 125kms,,,,right past the cop who had to jump out of the way after he walked out to stop the guy,,,and layed down some tread leaving us in the distance. The cops did nothing. No sign of Air 1 anywhere. Kind of entertaining.


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    Pretty usual spot for them to sit in. Karma for whoever warned ya!
    "Yamaha" - it's Japanese for "fuck your sports car."

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