Hand Signals...what do they mean?
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Thread: Hand Signals...what do they mean?

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    On my way back from a ride up the Sea to Sky today I encountered a number of riders going my way and heading on up. Of coarse, as always, I give a little wave from my clutch hand or maybe the ol' two fingered "gun" point to fellow riders as they pass. I got to thinking though, what might some other hand signals mean? What should I do if I encounter a speed trap and see some riders coming the other way heading for it. Funnily enough, just as I was thinking about this and getting into the more notoriously patroled areas of the Upper Levels highway in West Van, a rider heading West/North up the sea to sky, rather than giving the old clutch hand wave, he raised his hand in the air pointing up and spinning it around...much like a siren I though....AH-HA!!...how clever. I immediately reduced speed and faded into the traffic in the right lane thinking I must be coming up on some sort of law enforcment types.

    First of all, I would like to thank whoever it was heading that way just after 2 PM (I think) and gave me that signal. Even though I didn't run into and police officers, I assume there could have been one just ahead of me heading the same direction that I might've run into. But also, I just want to make sure that I am correct in assuming that it was indeed what he meant by his little hand signal. As I am quite the noob here I want to know if there are any other hand signals I should know about and just what they mean.

    Keep up the friendly gestures guys, it makes me feel special.
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    The twirling finger in the air indeed means "police is around". (Or sometimes "turn around"). Some of the more common ones is patting the ground (palm paralell the ground, move it up and down) - general sign to slow donw. Patting the top of your head also means cops.

    Do a search on 'hand signals' there have been quite a few threads on this before

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