Need a little help.....
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Thread: Need a little help.....

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    Need a little help.....

    Had a little accident where I threw my bike off the back of my truck so I need a few parts. At first I was really upset with the incident (aka f*%king throwing $hit around in my parking garage, I kinda wish I had it on tape.....) but shortly after that I looked at it as an opportunity to make my bike a little bit more "Johnny Mo".

    Here's what's on the list that I need from a '08 or '09 Gixxer 600 or 750:
    -right side mirror
    -rear ride side turn signal lens
    -front brake reservoir
    -front fairing stay

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Johnny Mo
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    This isn't the parts department of your local Suzuki dealer.

    You should try the WTB section and EBAY. And while you are at it, maybe look into a better ramp system than the one you have.
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    am I the only one that wants a better description of what happened?

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    Try Supersport (Langley) or thechopshop(Richmond), they're both Motorcycle recyclers, if they don't have it, try Modern Motorcycling (Suzuki dealer).

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    Dude search the parts on Babbitsonline. Get the exact description and part number, then search Craigslist Vancouver/Seattle/Portland - GSXRForums - should be able to get all the parts between these places. If you need brand new contact Brandon at Orca bay Suzuki he is really helpful. Good luck and yea buy better ramp and straps.....

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