GoPro filming (and marketing) at its finest
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Thread: GoPro filming (and marketing) at its finest

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    GoPro filming (and marketing) at its finest

    This video makes me want to get my pilots license, get aerobatic training, buy an Edge 540, drink a Red Bull, and oh yeah, buy a few GoPro's. Amazing what you can get from a camera the size of a cigarette pack.

    BOOM de ya dah!

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    Shit, makes me wish I would have stayed an air cadet and pushed for a pilots license, real freedom up there. The head-on shot with the helicopter was intense.

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    My buddy flew Kirby's Ultimate plane, out of his private airstrip at his home, cool shit.
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    great shots, GoPro is a master at eliminating buyers' remorse.
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    Wow, that guy has the perfect set-up for his profession!!

    I have been contemplating getting a go-pro, and was wondering if it's worth the extra $ to get the hero2 edition over the hero.
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    Amazing stufff. Thanks for posting.

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