Battery dead again
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Thread: Battery dead again

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    Battery dead again

    I have a 2000 R6 I bought a few years ago
    Anyways replaced the battery last spring with a western powersports battery and put it on a battery tender jr all winter and it was dead come spring
    Charged it using a big charger at work on slow charge so it took few hours and was reading full charge when I took it off and of course it rained for 3 weeks straight went to fire it up this morning dead battery again
    I don't have any dead shorts I'm sure as it sat for a month last year and fired up no problem on old battery
    So basically are these western powersport batteries garbage or do batteries typically only last a season???

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    very possible you got a lemon, or maybe it is just a piece of shit battery. most batteries have a one year warranty...

    i went 7+ years on an oem, then went through two POS batteries within a year. back to OEM with no more probs.

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    I've got one of those shorai lithium batteries from Edmonds battery. I used to have the same problem as you, but these seem to hold their charge much better.

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    stator failing?
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    do you have any type of mods on your bike? white HID lights? get it checked out. usually you can have a bike sitting for an entire winter and it should still start up the next season with ease.
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    On mine it turned out to be a bad ignition solenoid. Some kind of short in the sealed unit that was draining the battery. $50 part.

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    Battery Fu*k It is not uncommon for a new battery to fail I have seen it many times. It is very easy to check for a drain on the batt. Connect up a small 6V light bulb in series with the batt. with ignition OFF(very inportant) if it lights up you have a drain , to find the drain disconect things untill the light goes out that will be the circuit that has the drain.
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