'01 Yamaha YZF-600R - 48,000km - $2200
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Thread: '01 Yamaha YZF-600R - 48,000km - $2200

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    '01 Yamaha YZF-600R - 48,000km - $2200

    Only have a couple days to sell this bike before I leave to Toronto, was just going to store it but I just thought I'd see if there was interest.

    Will try and get a few more pics later:

    I bought this for $2250 two months ago from tetsuo69 on this forum. Then I spent about $600 at Daytona Motorsports getting it all tuned up (particularly the carbs), and $330 on a set of brand new tires. It needs absolutely nothing now.

    Bike has brand new set of Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 (these ones

    These stick like mad and they're track and sea2sky worthy. Was about $250 for the set of tires, plus $80 for installation at Bayside Performance.

    I'll also throw in a new set of EBC front brake pads I bought from Bayside a few weeks ago.

    Has frame sliders, SAE plug wired for heated vest / cell phone charging, handle bar risers, HID headlights.

    Aesthetically, there are some downsides. Previous owner has dropped the bike on both sides, there is rash on the right side fairings. Bike is also a stolen recovery that the previous owner bought from an ICBC auction. He then went on a massive series of road trips through North America (See pics and threads posted by tetsuo69 on bcsportbikes.com, so this evidently has not had an impact on the bike's reliability. Just means you're getting a lot more for your money)

    This is the perfect beginner's bike, you never have to worry about dropping it because it already has been dropped. On both sides . Plenty powerful for seasoned riders as well, being a 600cc inline 4.

    Only reason I'm willing to take a $1000 loss is to save my friends the trouble of having to start it for me every couple weeks.

    Asking $2200 absolutely firm. First with cash takes it, I am leaving on June 18th.
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