Front pad retaining pin fell out.
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Thread: Front pad retaining pin fell out.

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    Front pad retaining pin fell out.

    Hi, of the two calipers on my front wheel, each of them has 2 retaining pins for the brake pads inside, pretty common. Not to be confused with the bolts mounting the callipers. Anyway, one of 'em fell out.
    It's on a 2010 Z1000 which im pretty sure shares callipers with 636's and things of the like. Anyway, it's a clean hole all the way through to the other side and I do have the replacement bolt ordered, since no one had one. It's going to take 7 days to get in,
    Is there anything I can makeshift or use as a temporary replacement for the next 5 days? I was worried that I would overlook something if I just jammed a new bolt in there.
    I understand that's a stupid question and I definitely wont blame anyone if I die attempting their idea. It's one of those "Have to ask" things. Would like to be able to drive.
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    Metric pin Hmmm...Go down to the hardware store and look for screwdrivers with a shaft size of the pin, I'm sure you can figure out the rest
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    maybe get a used one? Chop Shop in Richmond? SuperSport in Langley?
    or sometimes the bigger shops in WA state have stock. Pro Caliber in Vanc WA is huge, and I think carries Kawi.
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