now THIS is foolish! bike on bungee!
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Thread: now THIS is foolish! bike on bungee!

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    now THIS is foolish! bike on bungee!

    OK, the Honda CB1000R is a cool bike, for sure, but I'm not sure this is the wisest way to enjoy the 'thrills' it has to offer:

    from hellforleather:

    Taking a motorcycle bungee jumping isnít just a case of strapping on a couple more strands of elastic. Both rider and bike have to be equally, but separately suspended and must achieve equal deceleration rates. The bike must then be ridden off the platform in such a manner that it doesnít become tangled in the cord and must end up, a the extend of extension, level, with the rider on top. The riderís got to make sure he doesnít interfere with the travel of the bikeís cord, while keeping his clear too. Basically, Olivier from MotoRevue is both braver and smarter than we are. Thatís him riding off this 200-foot viaduct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
    I would like to see someone on that bike.
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    That's like watching a fox trying to get out of a leg hold trap. Sad.

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    COOLEST THING EVER!!!! Bungee jumping with the bike - oh man!!!! YES!!!!!!
    i'm rocking to my own beat

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