If you are looking to start dualsport riding.
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Thread: If you are looking to start dualsport riding.

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    If you are looking to start dualsport riding.

    Here is an ad I found for a great bike to start out with. Cheap insurance... good fuel mileage... and it's age and value/price seem good.

    I'm a bit curious about the condition and whether it accurately reflects the stated mileage... you'd have to look at it and get more information on it. It's simple enough to disconnect the ODO on these bikes and ride it piles with nothing accumulating.

    I own one... it's not a bad little bike. Great way to get a bike that is street legal, low to run and insure, etc.. for running logging roads and mild offroad.

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    That looks to be a klx250f - offroad dirtbike, or the owner has removed all the lights, reflectors and licence plate holder required to be on the street.
    The klx250s is the enduro.

    this is an enduro for the same price


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    Here's another great little Dualsport/Enuro Bike


    I can personally vouch for that

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