Those That Travel With Saddle Bags
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Thread: Those That Travel With Saddle Bags

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    Those That Travel With Saddle Bags

    I have a question for people that travel with saddlebags that you can't lock/prevent strangers from unzipping and stealing shit.

    Has anyone ever stolen your shit while you take a shit at a gas station or gone to buy something at a store?

    Parking the bike near an entrance would probably be a good deterrence, but has it ever happened to you? If so, where?

    Note: Yes, I know. I should take important things such as passport, phones, wallet, etc. with me, but I'm talking about "useless" shit like tire patch kit, first aid, clothes, underwear, chocolate bars, etc?

    Note: Specifically talking about "tourist" spots, and not necessarily the city.
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    I rode from Victoria BC to Phoenix AZ and back again with soft bags. Never had a problem any time I stopped. Course, I didn't park the bike out of sight for longer than a couple minutes.

    Would I ride around Vancouver with soft bags with anything more than a couple cobs of corn in the bags? No freakin way. Too many dirtbags and sketchies willing and wanting to slice the bags open and steal yer dirty undies at the drop of a hat.
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    I use a soft tailbag, and I travel with soft saddlebags when I'm overnighting for work etc. Often carrying a laptop, camera, phone, and clothes etc. On the ferry I take the tailbag with electronics up with me, leave everything else below. In places where I'm concerned and have to run inside, I park near the door and keep an eyeball on it, but I've never had anyone bother it. If I have to use the washroom, I ask the attendant to keep an eye on it. Haven't had an issue yet. But there is always that one tit who will take anything just because. Depends where you are, time of day, etc, I suppose.

    I just try to have faith in humanity, every so often I am proven wrong and I just hope it isn't too costly. Can't protect everything all the time.

    And telling a woman a chocolate bar is useless shit...well, that's just wrong!
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    I haven't had an issue yet on my road trips. I would carry my wallet in but leave everything else. When I get to my destination I do remove them. I personally hate the way the saddle bags look on my Kat but it is functional.

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    Hasn't happened with me (knock on wood), but it's definitely possible. A pocket knife will tear a soft bag to threads in seconds. Really the only thing to do is to keep a very close eye on them and keep the important stuff on your body. And (obviously) take them off whenever staying somewhere overnight.
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    Back when I used soft bags I put all my camping junk in them, and anything valuable in a tank bag that I took with me. Just a small magnetic one with a carrying handle, easy to pull off and take anywhere. The rest I don't care about. Probably wouldn't leave it for any length of time, but for normal stops I wouldn't worry.
    Now I have hard pelican cases with locks, so the problem is essentially solved. Still take my valuables with me in the tank bag though.
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    I have a soft tail bag. Never noticed anything go missing from it. Then again, I suppose it depends where you park, and for how long. I usually try and park somewhere visible. Less likely to get tampered with I figure... same goes for cars. If you park in a sketchy alley on a dark night, don't be all that surprised to find your car has been fucked with.

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    yes, i have soft saddle bags that are not lockable. only zipperable. I usually pack my stuff in a stuff sack and then stuff the stuffed stuffsack in the saddle bag. (say that 5 times!!!) If I have to leave, I just pull out the stuff sack and bring that with me. Usually I have a compactable nylon backpack that i carry that I stuff everything into and carry that with me as well. I leave all the non stealable things behind, like water bottles, tire kit, etc. But the valuables and some clothes and stuff come out with me in the stuff sack or the collapsable nylon backpack.

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    I bought a Pacsafe bag protector for a trip last year ( ). Never used it, never needed it. Although around here I would strongly consider it.

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    I used to put a small key lock on the zippers. I didn't expect it to stop my stuff from being stolen but as more of a visible deterrant. Most of the theives are in it for a quick and easy score. If there is a visible lock it may cause them to move on.

    In the several years I have toured with saddlebags and tail bags I have never had ane issue with things being stolen. I have not even noticed my stuff shuffled around.

    If a thief REALLY wants it they will get it

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    Love my perimeter alarm for this instance, tank bags and saddle bags protected while in the shitter. Page goes if someones within 3 ft of the bike for a couple seconds.

    Worry free riding

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    I used ones that could be easily unzipped and turned into a backpack. If it wasn't hard luggage it came with me. Overnight the hard luggage would come off.

    It was mildly annoying, but that's the world we live in.

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    Bottom line: If it's in any way valuable to you, encase it in metal/cement/frozen carbonite or take it with you.

    I had some looser steal the emergency kit outta my car trunk. What he did with stale bandaids and a dead flashlight I'll never know.

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