Icon Hooligan Boots?
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Thread: Icon Hooligan Boots?

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    Icon Hooligan Boots?

    I am looking for a pair of riding boots and these looked decent in the magazine ads. Anyone know where they are sold? Any opinions also appreciated.

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    Check out Western Power Sports I know they carry the Icon Gloves so I immagine that they could order the boots.. Try calling Rob at RMS as well.. you will probably get a better deal through Rob rather than Western when you tell him your a BCSB Member...that is if he can order them..
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    I tired ordering up a pair of those and they were backordered. Weren't coming in till like May or some shit. Sweet lookin' boots though.

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    icon boots

    You can order them from www.tricktape.com. $84.95 American. I don't know if that's a good price, but I have dealt with Tricktape before and they were great.

    Nice boots, I think i'll get myself a pair!
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