Squamish ride Tues. 15th
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Thread: Squamish ride Tues. 15th

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    Squamish ride Tues. 15th

    Since things didn't work out weather wise for this mornings ride to squamish, how about meeting up at the church at 3:30 to head to Squamish, the weather looks like its turning out the same as it did yesterday. I know so far its me, Heckler, and 318shawn. FOr those who dont know where the church is, take the Taylor way exit off the upper levels highway and the church is on your immediate right after the set of lights off the exit.
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    Hey ghostrider, I'll join ya too. Hate the weather, but I wanna ride. See ya there.

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    We will probably meet at church for 7pm.
    If traffic is light.. we'll go all the way to Squamish...
    otherwise just a short rip to Porteau Cove.
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