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    Question Summer Jackets ?

    Hi, just wondering what jackets you guys wear during the hottest days in the summer.

    I'm looking at getting a JoeRocket Reactor, but it's use is obviously limited to warm weather.

    Is a JoeRocket Blaster non-perforated okay for the summer ? Reason i ask about the non-perforated is because i read somewhere that wearing the perforated on somewhat chilly days can be quite cold.

    I don't want to spend extra $$$ on two jackets if i can avoid it. So pretty much I want to know what jacket would be the most versatile. How's a JoeRocket Atomic gonna be in the summer ?


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    Seeing as how I only have one jacket, it will be my JR meteor in all weather. But taking out the lining and opening all the vents makes a significant difference.

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    If you don't want to get two jackets (or can't afford it like me), you can pretty much get by with either types.

    perforated - When it gets cold, just wear a light, wind-proof jacket over it. There! just like a non perforated one. Granted, if you fall, the wind-proof jacket is toast...but hey, you're still alive so who really cares?

    Non-perforated - get one with zipper vents at the back, then in the summer, you can open those vents, and then zip down your jacket in the front a bit. The air will hit your chest and then exit out the back vents - works quite well! You can even adjust the amount of cooling action by adjusting your front zipper, oh the luxury!

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    Last spring I got a JR fully perforated jacket. This has been absolutley the BEST $ I have EVER spent on motorcycle apparel.

    At anything over 20 kph it feels like you're riding with no jacket at all. And even at a standstill it's not bad.

    For cooler days I pull out a rain jacket that's large enough to fit over the leather and it's toasty warm. That perf leather makes a great liner and the rain jacket is much more wind proof, and therefore the combo is warmer, than even the Ballistics and other textile jackets.

    Add to that the fact that the leather has the full hard armor for protection and I'm a very happy camper.

    Just keep the rain jacket in your underseat trunk and you'll never be caught out.

    The only disadvantage that I have found is that the two jacket layers aren't as convienient for rides where you do lots of stopping if you want to take the jacket off all the time. And most rain jackets don't have outer pockets so my wallet and stuff is always under an extra layer on the cool days. But I've got a Ballistic for those days.
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    I find that most non perf jackets as long as they have vents will be fine on warm days. I did find that if you took the liner out of a ballistic jacket and just wore a t-shirt underneath you would almost get cold at speed because the air passed through the fabric easier than it does through leather.
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    i have a textile that has vent that can be unzipped and its just fine on hot days also my leathers are preforated

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