Saturday, August 11 2012. Suspension Tuning at KFG (Located in Auburn)
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Thread: Saturday, August 11 2012. Suspension Tuning at KFG (Located in Auburn)

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    Saturday, August 11 2012. Suspension Tuning at KFG (Located in Auburn)

    Canceled because of hit and run. Making a new event for a Local Tune ride. PM if you are interested in a local group ride to go tune.

    When: August 11

    Where to: KFG Racing (
    Why: Get our suspension tuned to our weight! And for the ride!
    Meeting point: Steveston and No 5 in Richmond. The Chevron
    Pace: Slow to medium? Dont want to get pulled over in the states! Hi fellow riders, I come from Revscene and wanted more riders to come along for this trip! It will be fun! Heres the plan so far.

    8AM - meet at Chevron at Stevenson and No5

    drive down cross boarder, to breakfast destination, I picked Harris Avenue Cafe - Bellingham, WA

    9AM-9:30AM -
    Arrive at Harris Cafe to eat, I set a max of 1 hour to eat

    10:30AM -
    Leave for Seattle lunch spot

    Arrive at lunch spot, I picked Paseo Caribbean Restaurant

    Set max 1 hour lunch

    1PM -
    Leave for KFG!

    1:45PM -
    Arrive KFG

    Yelp Reviews

    Harrive Avenue Cafe (breakfast) - Harris Avenue Cafe - Bellingham, WA

    Paseo (Lunch) - Paseo - Fremont - Seattle, WA

    Let me know if you want any changes, times are approximated by google maps.

    Can somebody please please plan for the way back? Pretty much all you have to do is pick a dinner spot! Maybe look up diners drive ins and dives lol!

    Also does anyone have a motorcycle GPS or something? It would be super helpful, all im going to do is print out a few maps where i think we might anticipate problems, but you never know how much I can fuck it up. Plus I have never really been this deep down US.

    Gas stops I was thinking we just wing it, so be conservative! If you want to stop for gas jump ahead of everyone and flash your hazards a few times or something.

    Any more takers?? Not every one going is getting tuned so if we get a few more we can for sure get the 35$ price bracket! The price bracket is as follows :
    "Normal price is $40
    5+ bikes $35 each
    10+ bikes $30 each"

    1. z3german
    2. Boundless (revscene)
    3. One of Boundless's friends

    4. Hillmar
    5. Zelloss

    It would be pretty cool if Riders in USA meet us at our breakfast/lunch spots to ride down with us!
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