Good Friday Ride (April 18th)
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Thread: Good Friday Ride (April 18th)

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    Good Friday Ride (April 18th)

    Going for a ride with myself and a couple buddy's.

    Prob going to do at least squamish and maybe go all the way to pemberton.

    Weather permitting but only if its raining will we not go.

    Meeting place will the the Esso at the Westview exit off of the upper levels highway in North Vancouver at 10:00am.

    The pace will be somewhat easy as we have one newbie most likely, one brand new bike being broken in and one new rear tire being broken in.

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    Me and a couple buddies were thinkin about doin the same thing! We are all north Van boys aswell. An easy ride sounds fun. I guess just keep me posted or maybe we will run into each other!

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    Just finished exams + day off work = ride to Pemberton.

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    Im in if the weather is good.

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    This is a Duplicate post.

    Big Bird, pick whether this is a newbie ride, or a seasoned ride, then delete the second post.

    I'll delete one randomly tonight.


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    I am in... if the weather is good... now.. everyone.. do the sun dance... shooo the clouds away.... I am sick and tire of this weather... it's been like this for over 3 weeks!#@$#@$@ grrr..
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