Route Suggestions. Riding to Edmonton via Washington, Idaho and Montana.
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Thread: Route Suggestions. Riding to Edmonton via Washington, Idaho and Montana.

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    Route Suggestions. Riding to Edmonton via Washington, Idaho and Montana.

    I have 5-7 days to ride to Edmonton via Washington, Idaho and Montana.

    Below is a route I have put together.

    Are there other roads / routes I should consider over others?

    The road from Sherman Pass Campground near Kettle Falls, WA to Lewiston, ID is there better routes that will bypass Spokane, WA?

    Also Lolo, MT to Going-To-The-Sun, Road are there suggestions for this route?

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    I added in Chewelah, WA to Usk, WA and the right side of C'oeur D Lane lake. Both great roads.

    If you have five to seven days go through Yellowstone and Beartooth hwy!

    Here are the route maps from my trip through yellowstong. they are at the bottom;

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    This past weekend I went Calgary-East gate of Glacier/ Going to the sun-Kalispel/Highway 2 to Creston and on to Rossland on Saturday, then across 3 to 33 and north to Kelowna and home on Sunday.

    I was a good ride through Glacier, surprisingly little traffic and they only had a 100m section the was one lane controlled by lights. There is a fair bit of gravel area that is under construction, maybe 10 km, but the rest of it, especially the new road surface is awesome. The park pass is $20 ish for a seven day pass, but only $35 for a 13 month pass, so if you think you or someone you know will be back, the year pass is a good buy.

    I went to Rossland from there through Kalispell on Highway 2, through Idaho and back into the Motherland south of Creston and west on three to Rosland. I was mad at myself as I got away very late, like six hours late due to a chain issue, and had to ride a bunch of good roads in the dark. Add to that I lost my lowbeam and the night drive sucked.

    I guess the only thing I would suggest as a warning is to ensure you know the closing hours of anyof the small border crossings you intend to use. I didn't pay any attention to this and almost missed the one I went through as it closed at 11pm and I rolled in at about five to.

    I you take 22 north from Lundbreck falls toward Cakgary, be careful of your speed. There is a huge RRCMP presence down there and they always have lots of speeders pulled over. While this isn't a very challenging road, the scenery is nice and you pass through Longview, home of the Jerky Shop(best in the world IMO) and you can slide over to Highway 40 and continue north to #1.This will be about 2 hours from Longview to Calgary, depending on your pace. If you don't have the time or want to go that way, you can go east on 533 from 22 through the porcupine hills, some nice fast sweepers through the foothills. This is only about fifteen minutes of fun and there are tons of deer and elk, so keep an eye open.
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    I noticed you've mapped out going through Chewelah, WA. I "strongly" urge you to take advantage of an incredible road which ends in Chewelah [if you are heading west that is]. This road is called 'Flowery Trail Road'. It's 40 miles with no straight lines longer than 100 yards. It runs east-west, the east end starts at the hamlet of Usk, WA, and heads west to Chewalah. This road is the best motorcycle road in the Pacific North West. It is empty, devoid of all speed tax collectors, and incredible. You should try to get to the very start of WA state Hwy 20 which starts at the border town of Newport WA, then head west to Usk from there. Highly regarded!!!!


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    I was on Going-To-Sun middle of July and had tonnes of traffic and stopped lots in construction 30 min at a time and gravel, really bad. I would suggest you skip it, unless you wanna watch the scenery. Although bigdyno says he had little traffic.
    Also suggest you take hwy 27 in Eastern Washington instead of hwy 195.
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