Aug 2nd Thursday ..Squamish Coffee Run.
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Thread: Aug 2nd Thursday ..Squamish Coffee Run.

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    Aug 2nd Thursday ..Squamish Coffee Run.

    MEET SPOT AT THE CHURCH 545 ---600 departure.

    GOING TO : Starbucks in Squamish

    Why: I feel like doing a short ride.

    Why would you wanna come : Coffee addiction..or simply want to ride too

    Pace: I ain't stopping you from getting impounded..but i ain't joining you.

    See you all there
    "BTW, How do you say "In the name of Bhudda, get the fuck out of the left lane" in Mandarin and Cantonese? "- OneTrack

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    I'm in as it's a beautyfull day for a squambuck's run
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    Careful, just heard on news 1130, there was a radar trap on S2S, in Lion's Bay.
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    wutt - that's news?

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