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    tonight me and a few buddys found ourselves completley lost on our dualsports riding some trials around mission
    not totally lost but really hard to find our bearings

    im looking for a gps i can use on the dual sport aswell as the fjr

    so far im liking the nuvi 500
    has topo maps aswell as all the streets and such
    anyone using one or have any other suggestions

    not really interested in the 6 and 700$ price tags on some of the higher end nuvis
    the 500 comes in around 299$ witch isnt such a loss if it packs it in early on in its lifespan

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    Used 60CSX, probably $150, runs all day on 2 AA batteries, handles tracks well, great choice for that application.

    The Nuvi 550 is also a great choice.......$209 shipped, super value:
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