55k. The bike is a '93, rebuilt. It was stolen, the ignition busted and the bike painted matte black. It was later recovered.

As far as I know there was no structural damage. The bike is old, however, and has had a few mechanical issues.
I am the 3rd owner - last owner had it less than a week, was a first-time rider and scared himself on it. Too much power for him.

It has good Metzler tires, unknown mileage, but they have lots of tread on them. I'd say 80%+.
Yoshimura pipe.

I've done some maintenance on the bike:
- Replaced the ignition.
- Re-wired the tach, it seemed to have been replaced at some point and the last owner didn't wire it up properly.
- Bought and installed new windshield and mirrors.
- Pulled and cleaned the carbs.
- Had a vacuum issue diagnosed and fixed by EMS.
- Replaced temperature sensor in the thermostat housing.
- Replaced brake and clutch levers.
- Replaced and lubed clutch cable.
- Flushed coolant two or three times. Most recently (a few days ago), replaced with Engine Ice.
- Three oil changes: last year before winterizing the bike, once before riding this season, and one just days ago since crossing the 5k mark.
- Replaced sprockets and chain.

I've put 5,000k on it.
The bike has some issues still outstanding. I have no interest in passing off the bike without being totally honest about what will need to be done to it soon that I know of. I have receipts for the work that's been done to it professionally, and the parts I've purchased.

If there's no interest in the bike, I will do some more work to it: re-paint the fairings matte black, install the fairings bolt kit I purchased, diagnose what seems to be an ignition coil issue, maybe get a few other parts on it replaced. Adjust the suspension, maybe replace the brake fluid if that's needed. Then, the price will go up.

I am in no hurry and the price is firm.

If I sell it this week, I will throw in the jack. It's not a proper stand (and there are no spools), it's designed for dirt bikes. But it can be used to jack the bike up and carefully get one wheel up off the ground to work on. I have done it successfully; it's not ideal but it works.
I paid $1500 for the bike, $70 for the jack and easily $500+ in parts and labour since I purchased the bike.

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