Very Nice Yamaha WR250F with Shop Service Manual, Valves adjusted, Bike Runs great, Email me Directly for it at

Have Street Registration for this bike, Spare Fenders for trail use and wired up rear fender for Street use,

Have Spare brand new rear fender and extra parts including new spare odometer for WR250F included,

New Unmounted Dunlop Tires with, New Unmounted brake Pads, New uninstalled Complete Clutch Pack with all Fibers and all Steels and New Clutch Springs to go with it as well as Brand New Uninstalled replacement battery,

Suspension Work has been done to Upgrade the bike front and rear and Carburetor Jet Kit and fuel system upgrade to make this baby start and run great,

Sweet deal on a sweet bike

Trials Tires for super off road use,

Ready to ride today, no work required,