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    A stray cat decided it was time to have her babies under the covers of my bike, I keep it outside lately,and then boom,I see some cat holding a kitten and moving them -all- over to the area under the stairs of my apartment........... .....will try and get the pic of them on here.
    *pets*nice kitty, goo-od kitty

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    I like my
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    That'd make the ultimate cat avatar.
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    Should have started the bike and revved to about 12grand a couple times. No thats mean (on the bike of course, it wouldn't have been warmed up yet.)

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    Hmm,well actually I was having very stray thoughts about that fluffy object under my tires...very disturbing thoughts,but I guess that is why I wen't back inside,to keep myself from hurting her, I mean she's a new baby and I would never want to hurt her soft striped sides and that rumbling purr machine inside her....
    Meaning my bumblebee ride of course.

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