HJC Youth helmet aka women's helmet
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Thread: HJC Youth helmet aka women's helmet

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    Cool HJC Youth helmet aka women's helmet

    Hey all,

    I guess the HJC Youth helmets have been around and I just never noticed, or maybe only recently stores have been trying to sell them as 'women's helmets'. In any case, I tried one on today, and they are definitely smaller and lighter. But also to me, it feels like way less padding.

    Does anyone worry about whether the protection may not be the same? I mean are these originally for kids on super sport bikes? Or are they maybe for dirtbiking or something a little slower? I see they are DOT approved but NOT Snell approved, so I'm a little skeptical at this point for using it as a street bike helmet.

    Anyone have one of these? What's your thought?

    Should I stay as a bobble-head and go for the regular helmet or one of them youth helmets? (=

    The one I'm looking at in particular is the HJC CS-Y.

    Hello? Anyone still out there? d:

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    head here for the helmet crash rating: http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/

    it doesn't have the cs-y (maybe it's under a different name on there), but that's where i always go prior to purchasing a helmet.
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