FINally a good, meaty thread ...
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Thread: FINally a good, meaty thread ...

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    FINally a good, meaty thread ...

    ... and what - it grates against some group's sensitivities, so it gets closed ...

    ... AHHHRRRRRrrr me whimpy maties - wot softness -wot poll-itical cerrectness.

    As I said before, pretty soon one will be forced to wear a freakin helmet and five point seat-belt just to sit on the shitter for a dump (mandated by law - for public safety, of course) ... and we won't be able to call a black Gixxer 'black' any more, cause it might be taken the wrong way.

    wott a woild

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    I wish.
    There is already a thread about this. The OP deleted the thread, take it up with him/her. Please do not post threads about threads being closed (it's part of the basic rules to keep a tidy site).
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