Bill Hitchon had given me a brand new Pitster Mini Monster 125cc to race this weekend with the Mini Motard guys at Greg Moore but I unfortunately wasn't able to make it today. Just wanted to let everyone know once again it pays to be good to our friends in the industry by frequenting their shops, treating them fairly, and good things come back at you in the long run.

Bill looks like he'll be carrying the complete Pitster line up so I encourage anyone thinking about a pitbike/funbike to drop by the shop and check them out. This little bike is extremely well built and for what Bill is going to be charging for them it just isn't worth it to buy some twenty year old CT-70/90 when you can have brand new.

Also thanks to Paul Ludwig who was a major source of information for racing with PCMRC, and although I didn't make it today for next year I'm going to be looking at spending some serious time with their organization, they're doing something right when they seem to be the only club with an increasing amount of riders.

Mods, as usual I hope I don't get anyone too upset with my posts thanking our friends in the motorcycling industry.