Did some research ...SCORE!
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Thread: Did some research ...SCORE!

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    Did some research ...SCORE!

    I have been trying to put a group buy together for some tires. In my research I have found that prices vary greatly, for the same product. The best deal in town, and it actually compares to alot of USA based internet companies without the shipping and bullshit, is ATLAS. Yes indeed those grey market bike "bastards" by some. Are now a Yammie dealership and I ordered a set of Pireeli Diablo Corsa for just over $400. The second closest was Modern with the same tires for $460. The best deal is that you do not have to order a quantity to get the killer price... Score Anyhow I just thought I would pass on the 411. Cheers S.

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    No shit..... Glad to hear about the score...maybe they are good for something more than crappy bikes.

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